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Security Management

I am in charge of my own safety, and I am also responsible for others' safety. Accidents can be preventable and avoidable through joint efforts of all the staff. Safety derives from design. Green processing of low risk, low pollution and low consumption is the basis of safety ensurance. The determining factor of realizing security and efficiency is everyone's compliance with the regulations and the discipline. The loss caused by one risky failure is far more than the yields achieved by ninety-nine risky success.

Standardization of safety production

Through the establishment of the safety production responsibility system, enact safety management system and operation procedures, screen and govern risks, monitor major hazards, establish prevention mechanism, standardize production, make each production process conform to the requirements of the relevant laws, regulations and standards about production safety, make the person, machines, objects, environment in good state of production, and continuously improve them, and constantly strengthen the standardization construction of the enterprise safety production.

According to the requirements of Hazardous Chemical Enterprise Safety Standardization General Specification (AQ3013-2008), the company develops safety production standardization work comprehensively. Enact The Responsibility System of Safety Production (trial implementation), and implement the safety production responsibility at various levels of leaders and departments; formulate and implement Management System Collection of Safety Production (trial implementation); meanwhile, based on the reality of safety production, set an objective for safety production, begin and keep everything in place, which includes spreading the job compliance and the HAZOP method, deepening the screening of potential risks, perfecting all kinds of regulations, promoting the training on security culture and strengthening the construction of security management etc.

Responsibility system for production safety

By summarizing long-term practice of safety production and labor protection, the company has formulated the Safety Production and Responsibility System of Zhejiang Medicine Co., Ltd. (for trial).

Based on the principle of "Whoever in charge is responsible", it clearly defines the duties of all-level managers and divisions on safety production:

All subsidiaries have developed their own Safety Production and Responsibility System, which in detail defines the specific safety duties of the leadership, the division, the workshop, the related technical personnel and production workers in the production process. The responsibility system of safety production has thereby been fully implemented to cover every division horizontally and every level vertically. Leaders of all levels pay close attention to safety production and labor protection. The leaders and the staff play their own role and fulfill their respective duties to form a complete and systematic management mode of safety production.
Emergency Response Plan

The company has enacted the Emergency Response Plan of Zhejiang Medicine Co., Ltd., which clearly defines the organization duty, accident prevention, emergency response, and issues after emergency, etc. Based on their own production features and geographical conditions , etc., the subsidiaries have established their own comprehensive emergency response plan, specific emergency response plan and spot emergency response plan, and have enacted workshop-level emergency evacuation system, perfected systems such as emergency response management, fire management, emergency rescue, etc., setted emergency rescue institutes such as emergency teams, medical departments, etc., and have been equipped with professional equipment of emergency rescue and infrastructures. The subsidiaries organize the activities such as emergency drills, competition of emergency skills , etc. on a regular basis in order to check the emergency response ability of the staff in practical work, and revise the emergency response plan timely.

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