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System certification

The company advocates, implements and passes the certification of OHSAS 18000 Occupational Health and Safety Management System. Commit to be in conformity with the laws and other regulations actively; reduce or eliminate the occupational health and safety risks; ensure all staff have an environment in which occupational health and safety demands can be met; satisfy staff and stakeholders' various interests.

Prevention of occupational diseases

Formulate the occupational health management system, and strictly enforce the "Three simultaneous" system which construction project occupational-disease-prevention facilities and the major facilities should be designed, constructed and put into use simultaneously. Conduct informing occupational-disease hazard factor system, and have knowledge training of preventing occupational-disease hazards.

Arrange the occupational health examination, including the health examination before, during, leaving the job and acute occupational disease hazards health examination; provide occupational health care for staff exposed to various occupational disease hazards; supervise professional wellness activities of relevant parties; conduct diagnosis and medical observation for the suspected patients of occupational disease ; establish the management files of occupational diseases and implement medical care, rehabilitation and protection for patients with occupational diseases.

Publicity of health knowledge

According to the characteristics of the industry, implement occupational health knowledge training to employees, popularize the prevention of occupational disease and occupational health knowledge, lead staffs to establish a correct concept of health, master correct health knowledge, and choose healthy life style, etc. At the same time, combining with the seasonal features, advertise the knowledge about how to prevent sunstroke, bring down a fever and avoid frostbite, skid resistance, etc.

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