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System certification

The company follows environmental law and discipline consciously all the time, and considers environmental impacts of its production and operation activities. The factors with huge effect on the environment are judged in the activities and the corresponding operation control measures are taken on them, reducing environment load and supporting national sustainable development and environmental protection. Through technical reconstruction, energy-saving, reclamation and environmental control reinforcement, the company achieves green production and green development, reaches the requirements of ISO14000 environmental management standard and passes the certification of ISO14000 environmental management system.

Clean production

The company earnestly implements the spirits of "adhering to the policy of giving priority to conservation, protection and natural recovery, and putting forth effort to green development, recycling development and low-carbon development" proposed in the 18th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, thoroughly promotes clean production, strives to control generation of pollutants from the source, and reduces the burden of end processing. Actively adopt advanced production techniques, technology and equipment, improve resource utilization, reduce pollution, protect the environment, take a new road to industrialization, and promote comprehensive and sustainable development.

The company strictly adheres to the national rules, implements clean production audit earnestly, improves production process and equipment through implementing clean production audit and using non-toxic and harmless material or low toxic and less harm material to manufacture clean products, which meets pollution prevention standards, raises energy and raw material efficiency, cuts consumption, reduces cost, achieves sustainable economic development, and carries out social responsibility of environmental protection and ecological construction.

Treatment of three wastes

Zhejiang Medicine Co., Ltd. not only focuses on product quality and economic efficiency, but pays more attention to environment protection, especially the disposal of the waste gas, waste water and solid waste (three wastes). The wastewater disposal project applied by the company is characterized as advanced craftsmanship, huge investment, large scale and obvious disposal effects; increasingly add disposal equipments of waste gas and give up the craftsmanship and equipments with much pollution; in terms of solid waste disposal, solid hazardous waste management system and hazardous waste emergency response plans and measures should be formulated and implemented. Enhance daily management work and make sure the environmental security. Meanwhile internal hazardous waste incinerator is equipped. Some of hazardous waste generated can be recycled as fuel oil, and the others should be disposed by the qualified units according to the relevant state regulations. We insist on achieving the legal treatment of "three wastes" and reaching the discharge standards through unremitting endeavors.

Emergency management

The environmental event emergency response plans are built from company to its affiliated units, including the comprehensive environmental emergency response plan, special environmental emergency response plan and site disposal plan. Emergency expert database is also established, which is equipped with emergency kits and supplies. Enhance the staff's environmental safety consciousness and emergency disposal skills through efficient forms like organizing staff training and conducting specific environmental event emergency drills.

Development goals

The enterprise insists on conservation development and clean development, aiming at building a production mode which saves resources and protects the environment, improving resource utilization rate, reducing the generation and emission of trash, and making a positive contribution to the country's economic development, social progress and the construction of a harmonious society. The company regards environmental protection as an important job, actively deals with environmental risks and challenges faced in the production and operation, actually reduces the impact of production activities on environment, initiates the situation of all members participating in environmental protection management and control , works hard to create a resource-saving and environmental friendly enterprise and realizes the coordinating development between production operation and environmental protection.

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