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Concepts of the Talent

Talent is the foundation of a nation, the management of politics, and the prosperity of business.

Our company has firmly established the philosophy that science and technology are primary productive forces while human resource is the first resource of the company. And we always stick to the personnel policy of "freedom to come and go" and "combining training and using", so as to form a good atmosphere of "respecting knowledge and talents" in the company.

If we succeed, the honor belongs to you; if you fail, the enterprise will cover the cost.

Focus on the talent strategy of people-oriented, employing the concept of tolerance of failure, talent incentive mechanism of targeted. Since 1992, the first to try to make technical factors participate in income distribution system reform, with more than one team taking part in receiving dividends of the product as shareholders, and reward personnel who have great contribution to science and technology repeatedly.

Complete the life-long educational system of the staff and encourage them to study further constantly.

The enterprise encourages employees to take part in the trainings that are good for their business quality, professional skills, career development plans and interest of the enterprise, and provides young employees with opportunities for further improvement and education. For eligible employees, the enterprise will pay full tuition for their further study in colleges and universities, and give them full salary and bonus. Moreover, the company trains technical mainstays by sending the staff abroad and into practice. More than 20 technical and administrative staff members have been send to famous universities and technical institutes of USA, UK, France, Germany and so on for further study, which build abundant talents foundation for enterprise's technological innovation and a novel phenomenon of continual growth.

Care for the next generation and set study funds for children of the staff.

To help employees cultivate their children and encourage their children to study hard, the company sets up an educational fund, providing tuition and living expenses subsidies for the employees' children at high education stage, and enhances their sense of identity and belonging to the enterprise.