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INTERVIEW: Zhejiang Medicine Co., Ltd.(ZMC) Discusses Their New Vitamin E Facility



24 April 2014 –Zhejiang Medicine Co., Ltd. (ZMC) recently announced the completion of their new Vitamin E facility at Zhejiang Changhai Biological Co., Ltd. This newproduction site is a state of the art facility, located in the Bio-Pharmaceutical Industrial Park of the new coastal city in Shaoxing, ZhejiangChanghai Biological Co., Ltd. is a wholly-owned subsidiary of ZMC.

Mr. Cao Yong,Director of the import & Export Division at ZMC, spoke to Feedinfo News Service about the new facility and the Vitamin E feedgrade market in general.

[Feedinfo News Service] Could you please offer a brief overview of ZMC’s history with respect to Vitamin E?

[Cao Yong] ZMC is a leading manufactuer of Vitamin E and other Vitamins as well as carotenoids starting with production in the 70’s of last century. ZMC is serving Vitamins and carotenoids worldwide to customers for application feed, food, pharmaceuticals and cosmetics. Capacity for Vitamin E was increased several times over the last 25 years as a consequence of growing demand from our customers.

[Feedinfo News Service] Growth in the global Vitamin E feedgrade market has been almost stagnant in recent years. Why did ZMC take the decision to build a new and larger Vitamin E facility at the new Zhejiang Changhai Biological Co., Ltd. site?

[Cao Yong] The newfacility is designed for the future. ZMC expects increased future demand in the world for products of animal origin. Consequently global output for animal feedwith Vitamin E will increase over time. The new facility also integrates and replacesthe original production facilities.

[Feedinfo News Service] The Chinese government has recently stated that chemical pollutioncontrol has become a national priority. Consequently, there has been an increase in the number of disruptions to Vitamin and chemical production in Chinain the recent months. In some cases supply has been irregular and consequently pricing unpredictable. To what extent will your new facility allow you toguarantee your costomers stable supply?

[Cao Yong] As I said, ZMC is a long-time experienced manufacturer of Vitamin E. Ever since ZMC started producing Vitamins like Vitamin E, A, D3 and Biotin by chemical pathways,but we kept attention to environment protection, fully in line with national laws and managed all processes on an international level regarding pollution control. Our existing and our new facility are based on our strategy of high-tech, low pollution and low resources consumption. The further improvementis implemented on the system of personal hygiene, safety and environmental protection in which we are fully confident.

The recentfire-accident in a European facility of a well experiences producer formanufacturing of a key intermediate for vitamin E shows that there is aprinciple risk of disruption with respect to safe management of complexchemical processes regardless the location of the factory.

[Feedinfo News Service] The Vitamin E feedgrade market has become more competitive in the past 1-2 years. Some Vitamin E producers have increased capacity and a newcomer has started commercial production. To be a competitive and long term player,self-sufficiency on the key raw materials and intermediates is essential. To what extent will ZMC be independent on those factors during the coming years?

[Cao Yong] The high-quality of our Vitamin E products is due to the fact that from the very beginning ZMC is a basic, independent producer with in-house technology for all key raw materials needed. With new facility ZMC is well prepared for the future in view of a competitive market.

[Feedinfo NewsService] Your new Vitamin E-facility will have a name plate capacity of 20,000mt per annum. This is an increase of approximately 5,000 mt pa. Given the current global supply /demand balance, how do you envisage bringing this additional capacity to the market?

[Cao Yong] The new factory is designed for the future in terms of growing global demand after 3, 5 or even more years.

[Feedinfo NewsService] What advantages will your new facility offer your existing customers?

[Cao Yong] ZMC has  long-time experience with technology for cost-effective production of Vitamin E. This know-how is concentrated inour new state-of the art facility. Our customers will fully benefit from this development and can expect that we will continue to offer at competitive pricesfor good quality of products in a competitive market.

[Feedinfo NewsService] Are there any specific geographic regions where you plan to increase market share?

[Cao Yong] ZMC is marketing Vitamins including Vitamin E globally. Based on increased capacity we will further strengthen our distribution service in all markets and are confident to sell more quantities in the future.