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Zhejiang Medicine Co., Ltd.
168 Mid Zhiyuan Avenue,Binhai New Area,Shaoxing City,Zhejiang Province,312366, P.R.China

Tel: +86-575-85211979

Xinchang Pharmaceutical



 Xinchang Pharmaceutical Factory, a branch  office of Zhejiang Medicine Co., ltd.,was founded in 1954 and recognized as the core production base of ZhejiangMedicine Co., ltd. at present. It covers an area of 87.72 acres, withconstruction area of 61.77 acres.

For decades, the company upholds the purpose of "caring for the health of mankind" to develop the national pharmaceuticalindustry at full blast, insists leading the industry and never cuts down itsgoals, keeps the steady and rapid development in production and operation. The company has become a production base of fat-soluble vitamin products,anti-infection drugs and glycopeptides medicine of China, having thefirst-class GMP requirement of the chemical pharmaceutical, microorganismpharmaceutical and preparation production facilities, respectively. The companyalso commits to the production of natural drugs, food additives and feedadditives. It has been certified by China CCEMS, ISO14001 of Britain UKAS(Environment Management System).

The company firmly grasps the main line oftechnological innovation, fortifying the innovation system construction withthe technology platform for new drug screening system at the core. It hasestablished the direction and mode for new drug research and development, establisheslong-acting mechanism and management system for research and development andthrough wide communication and cooperation with interrelated universities andresearch institutes, lays the solid foundation for the enterprise's long-terminnovative development.