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Chairman Address

Every social person assumes corresponding responsibility. As the roles differ from each other, the level and sphere of their responsibility are different. As an entrepreneur, his social responsibility is much more important than any other common people. If the request that he leads his enterprise to a healthy long-term development track and lets all staff in his enterprise live a rich and happy life is the 'small' responsibility, then the request that he creates wealth for the country, sticks to the road of circular economy and keeps the sustainable development of human society is the 'big' responsibility. Every entrepreneur, not matter the state-owned or the private, should be in charge of these two sorts of social responsibilities.

--Chairman: Li Chunbo

Introduction to the Chairman

The chairman was born in Xinchang County, Zhejiang Province, who has double bachelor's degree, and was also a professor-level senior engineer and senior accountant. He currently serves as a committee member of Chinese Pharmaceutical Association Professional Committee of Pharmaceutical Engineering, the executive director of CPA, the vice president of Zhejiang Province Charity Federation Council, the vice president of Zhejiang Province Enterprise Federation and the vice president of Zhejiang Province Entrepreneur Association.

Chairman's Quotations: